Dairy Testing Equipment

We have a wide variety of testing equipment available for dairy testing, both in lab and on farm equipment. We can provide solutions for testing antibiotic content, fat, viscocity, protein, moisture, and general hygene as well as a host of other areas. If you don’t see what you need or if you’re unsure of your full requirements feel free to contact our team on info@calibrecontrol.com


Dairy Antibiotics Testing

We have a huge range of dairy antibiotic testing equipment to make sure that your produce is up to standard. Make sure that you don’t lose another batch of milk again with a range
of immune receptor tests and microbial inhibitor testing equipment to help you identify and isolate any contaminated product before it enters batches.

We have a range of dairy antibiotic testing equipment for on farm use as well as in merchant and processor environments as well to make sure that rigorous testing standards are
maintained and backed with accurate data and results.

Dairy Fat Testing

Browse our range of fat testing equipment to find the right solution for your needs. Reduce costs through knowing exactly when reactions are happening with a range of in line fat testing solutions. We supply multiple products with accurate NIR readers so you can make accurate decisions based on clear and trustworthy data. Know how much your product is worth based on accurate butterfat content.

Reduce waste through knowing exact butterfat content at critical points during production, allowing you to make reliable data driven decisions.


Browse our pasteurisation testing equipment range. We provide milk producers with the ability to accurately measure the levels of pasteurisation of their product. We supply some of the fastest working tests on the market currently including Charm phosphatase tests which provide an accurate result in just 45 seconds.

Use our products to improve your process by providing quick and vital results on the level of milk pasteurisatio, so that your product is always perfect.


Texture is a massive part of your product, with our range of dairy texture measuring equipment you can make sure that your product batch is consistent and ready for market. This way you can minimise wastage and maximise the effectiveness of your process. Refining it down using quantifiable and reliable data.

Copy of LT IsoChem Dairy Analyser

Copy of Perten RVA 4800


You can use our dairy texture and viscosity measuring equipment to measure cooking and mixing velocities and viscocities before refining a product process with programmable temperatures and speeds to gather range data.

It’s important to have as full and accurate data as possible to refine processes and using our range of dairy viscosity and texture analyzing equipment


We offer a wide range of dairy protein testing equipment for a variety of products and application measurement. You can use the protein testing equipment in our range to further optimise or develop your products through accurate results. Due to the varied nature of dairy products you will need versatile equipment that you know is going to measure accurately.

You can trust in our range of specialist dairy protein measurement equipment to fulfill your needs as a business.

Copy of Perten DA 7250 NIR Analyser

Copy of Perten DA7300 In-Line


Moisture is a very important component of dairy testing. Accurate moisture levels in dairy are needed if the viability and shelf life of the product are to be accurately gauged. To do this you will need reliable measurement units in line and on farm. Knowing the accurate % of moisture within a batch of dairy is also important to ascertain the value of product

Make sure you can make valuable business decisions based on real data, take a look at our range of dairy moisture testing equipment today to see how you can maximise product value.


Milk can be contaminated at any part in the process, so it’s important to make sure that doesn’t happen, With our range of dairy hygene tests you can be certain to keep conditions and areas safe, as well as quickly isolating any contaminated product before it affects larger batches.

We provide dairy hygiene testing equipment that gives you the results you need, quickly; including a range of swab tests that give results in just 5 seconds.

Copy of Cham Microbial Peel Plate



Find instant results to give you maximum options for mastitis treatment through our range of mastitis testing equipment. We have options for lab spec somatic testing to gain reliable and accurate lab based results however, we also offer options for on farm testing of mastitis. Testing solutions include our detection plates, which allow you to identify and isolate pathogens responsible for causing mastitis.

Shelf Life

Test the lifecycle and real time spoilage of your product with our variety of dairy shelf life testing equipment, You can reduce the warehouse holding times of your product with our powerful shelf life ATP system, which provides quick reliable results for you to action.

Our robust and powerful selection of dairy shelf life testing equipment is the perfect tool for you to measure the life cycle of your produce.

Copy of Charm Epic Shelf Life