Brabender Extensograph E

Brabender Extensograph E


The Brabender Extensograph E measures the stretch resistance and elasticity of a sough. Easily establish the rheological optimum in order to achieve the best baking result. 

What does it test?

  • Dough

  • Cereals

  • Flour

  • Gluten


What does it test for?

  • Elasticity

  • Stretch resistance

  • Sprouting

  • Enzyme activity 

  • Dough development time

  • Dough softening

  • Gluten content

  • Gluten strength 


Features and Benefits 

  • Easily recognize and determine the effect of flour additives

  • Customizable short methods

  • Conforms to international standards (ICC, AACC,ISO, RACI, GB/T, GOST R and more)

  • Sample weight: 300g Flour + 6g Salt & dest. Water  

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