Brabender Farinograph TS

Brabender Farinograph TS


The Farinograph TS is a measuring mixer for dough and flour quality to be tested. Reliable and reproducibility of flour quality and its processing characteristics is important for the baking and milling industry.

Reliability and ease of use has made the Farinopgraph the most frequently used instrument all over the world for determining water absorption and mixing characteristics of wheat and rye flour.


What products does it test?

  • Wheat

  • Flour

  • Dough


What does it test for?

  • Baking Quality

  • Water Absorption

  • Mixing Characteristics


Features & Benefits

  • Plug and play with the easy to use touch screen interface

  • Track tests through multiple devices at one time

  • New MetaBridge Software provides live tracking of tests which can be recorded, downloaded and printed

  • Automatic measuring data storage mode with the ability to edit data interactively

  • Adapt the test procedure to your individual testing requirements to reduce test time

  • Variable mixing intensity and energy input to the dough for research and development applications

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