Brabender Viscograph E

Brabender Viscograph E


The Brabender Viscograph E provides you with a complete picture of the gelatinization behaviour of starches and all modified starches. Examination of your sample using the well-established solution provides you with a detailed characteristics profile of your test material that goes far beyond just the gelatinization of starch.


What does it test?

  • Flour

  • Rice

  • Corn

  • Starch

  • Potato

What does it test for?

  • Hot and cold viscosity 

  • Stability of thickening agents or binders

  • Acid stability of starch

  • Extrudate testing

  • Caustic gelatinization

  • Measurement of industrial starch


Features and Benefits:

  • Convenient measurement and analysis software

  • Reliable, reproducible results with programable speed profiles

  • Save any number of temperature programmes 

  • Heating and cooling rates from 0.5 – 3 °per min

  • Electronic speed control from 0-200 rpm


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