Perten TVT 6700 Texture Analyser

Perten TVT 6700 Texture Analyser


The TVT 6700 is an easy to use efficient texture analyser developed by Perten, providing comprehensive food texture testing and analysis for a wide range of food products and materials.

Incredibly accurate, the TVT 6700 texture analyser offers an objective, fast and cost-effective way to measure food texture in completely reliable, controlled test conditions.

What products does it test?

  • Baked goods

  • Dough

  • Grains

  • Dairy

  • Confectionery

  • Snack foods.

What does it test for?

  • Crispness

  • Texture

  • Firmness

  • Elasticity

  • Cutting force 

Features and benefits:

  • Objective – provides complete and accurate food testing for texture, including firmness, chewiness, stickiness, elasticity, and brittleness

  • Insightful – generates comparison graph overlays, automated statistical calculations, reports, and flexible data and graph exports to spreadsheets

  • User-friendly – standardised test routines and starter methods makes this food texture testing equipment especially easy to use

  • Robust – the rugged design suits both laboratory and production environments.

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