Customer Support

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Calibre has a team of highly skilled and certified Customer Support Engineers, dedicated to ensuring you are confident that your equipment will always be performing to manufacturers standards.

The team of field engineers, in house engineers and application specialists aim to build up great working relationships with our customers, so that they always feel looked after and appreciated.

Supporting customers is one of Calibre's main values, and we have been offering our expertise within the food industry for over 30 years. Calibre aim to protect our customers from instrument failures, inaccurate results and reduce any potential downtime. 


Calibre offer a wide range of services as part of our aftercare:

  • Training programme (on-line, on-site, in-house or over the phone)
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Support PPM agreements
  • Application & Calibration data support 
  • UK Stored spare parts
  • Repair, calibration and maintenance 


Spare Parts

Calibre support our instruments by stocking a large number of spare parts, covering the full range of testing solutions and their varients. In many cases these may be parts that are no longer in production.

In addition, we offer a service or repair call out programme and where possible can offer a return to base “swap” scheme for instruments that are mobile or low value. 

We stock the most common spare parts at our offices in the UK, which eliminates the process of waiting for a part to arrive before we can start the job! 


Pre-Planned Maintenance 

The Calibre Pre-Planned Maintenance Scheme (PPM) is the perfect way to maintain the performance and reliability of your instrument, also to ensure your results are consistent and levels of production are met. With our PPM scheme, we put your call out as a priority and have a response time of 2 working days. 

What does the PPM Service plan include?

  • Arrive at a specified time to suit the job and laboratory
  • Update the software/calibrations where applicable
  • Check instrument with known reference samples
  • Replace worn parts and adjust instrument settings to bring into line with manufactuers specifications.
  • Provide advice/overview on relevant routine maintenance & operating procedures
  • Certify the specification of the instrument & provide clear paperwork