Calibre utilise the JobLogic software for easily accessible support and documentation for customers. The web-based software is designed to allow customers to schedule support requests, see live updates and have access to all documentation such as certificates, manuals and procedures upon request.

For our remote support option please contact the Calibre office and we will guide you through setting up an account with us.


Centralise your data 

Use JobLogic to raise support tickets, retrieve invoices and see all support documentation. The data will be stored under a secure user log in which is provided upon request from Calibre Control. If you manage multiple sites, the data can be retrieved and centralised for ease of use.


Request Support

JobLogic enables you to raise a support query, such as on-site call outs, telephone calls and remote support. You will receive updates from Calibre as the job is being processed such as when the job has been scheduled and when the engineer is on route.


Log-in Zone

If you are a current JobLogic user, please click the below image to access the log-in zone.