Perkin Elmer DA6200 Portable Meat Analyser

Perkin Elmer DA6200 Portable Meat Analyser


The Perkin Elmer DA6200 is a low cost, portable analyser for the meat industry. The DA6200 is designed to help meat processors optimize product quality whilst maintaining profits. With its portability, it’s now possible to analyse meat products throughout the process, from raw material intake, process control to finish product quality.


The DA6200 uses near-infra red (NIR) technology which enables the user to analyse large sample volumes during one analysis period. With its easy to use operating system, the DA6200 interface can be used by all operators in production facilities, just prepare the sample in the dish, analyse and wait 30 seconds for results to be displayed. 


What does it test?

  • Raw meats

  • Intermediate materials

  • Final meat produce


What does it test for?

  • Protein

  • Fat content

  • Moisture

  • Collagen

  • Salt

  • Ash


Features and Benefits:

  •  30 second analysis time makes testing more cost effective

  • Portable, low cost analyser, ideal for small to medium sized processing plants

  • Real time measurements allow the blending process to maximize profits while maintaining product quality

  • NIR technology gives objective results 

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