Instrument Spotlight - Charm Mycotoxin Testing


We have recently held a mycotoxin workshop here at Calibre, so its only fitting that our very first instrument spotlight is about Charm Mycotoxin Testing! 

We teamed up with Charm Sciences many years ago to supply the UK with accurate, reliable and world leading testing solutions for mycotoxins. We favoured this system over others due to its ease of use from farmers to labs! 

The need for accurate risk assessment

There are legal limits for fusarium mycotoxins deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEAR) in wheat intended for human consumption and guidance limits for grain for feed. The owner (farmer, merchant or processor) is legally obliged to ensure the grain is safe for human consumption. For information on the current legal limits, please see

During 2017, there was a significant rise in ZEAR (zearalenone) levels within the UK which increased all-round testing needs for the industry. As of yet, there has been no indication that the risk levels has dropped.


Why Charm?

The Charm EZ-M system and strips are fast, effective and easy to use, while also giving results close to EU detection level to ensure accuracy! 
The reader automatically selects which test you are using and how long the incubation time is, removing user error. 

  • Enclosed test strips and therefore no environmental exposure (comes in handy if you drop them on a dirty floor!)
  • Controlled incubation time and temperature 
  • Reader automatically interprets and stores the results


Simple and easy to use:

Changes in Mycotoxin Testing

When it comes to your mycotoxin testing needs, it’s important to know that methanol and ethanol may be replaced with water to extract mycotoxins using Charm’s Water Extraction Technology (WET).

This WET solution, provides an economic alternative that reduces your hazardous chemical shipping and storage, and allows any product with negative results to be disposed of with normal waste provided they do not violate local regulations. WET tests are available for aflatoxinfumonisin, and zearalenone. One of the benefits of using the Charm WET technology is that customers needing to test for multiple mycotoxins can use one single extraction instead of multiple extractions thus saving you time and money.

Additionally, Charm’s easy-to-use, water-based quantitative tests can be used out in the field, allowing you to detect mycotoxins on raw materials before they even enter the very first stages of the food supply chain. This early detection saves you time, money, and waste. The data collected from your Charm WET technology tests will also help you meet government export requirements for your materials and products being shipped around the globe.


How to run a Charm DONQ2 Test



For more information on the EZ-M system and Mycotoxin testing, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help with any questions.

Rachael Smith