Top options for testing grain moisture on the farm this harvest


The Harvest season marks an important period in the British farming calendar as crops are harvested for food and animal feed. And as many agricultural experts will agree, moisture is one of the most important factors impacting the calibre of grain. Therefore, managing and testing the quality of grain moisture is integral to producing high quality grain and demands accurate and affordable measuring equipment.

By evaluating moisture content before, after and during harvest using either a portable or benchtop grain moisture tester, you could save your business money by ensuring all grains are dried, stored correctly and meet the correct specifications before leaving the farm.

What type of grain moisture tester is right for you?

There are two types of grain moisture testers: a portable version which is ideal for fast field assessments or a bench model which is industry standard and good for evaluating grain which will be stored or dried. In addition, bench models tend to provide better accuracy because of larger sample sizes and the technology used, these are commonly seen in grain receival laboratories and flour mills.

Top options for grain moisture analysis

When choosing a grain moisture analyser, you need to think about the speed, accuracy, portability and reliability. Different analysers have different features and where some are highly reliable and accurate they may be less easy to move around in the field. Here is a selection of some of the best products offered by Calibre Control, for testing grain moisture this harvest:

1.      Perten AM5200 Grain Moisture Analyser

This bench top moisture model draws upon Perten’s extensive research and development with over 1,000 different types of grain moisture testing equipment so you can be confident about its accuracy, repeatability and reliability. The high frequency UGMA technology penetrates deep into samples, providing moisture and specific weight measurements in just 10 seconds regardless of temperature or crop type.

Benefits at a glance:

Accurate results
– the high frequency measurement capabilities of this grain moisture meter ensure deep penetration into the grain for incredibly accurate results regardless of crop type.

Quick – once the sample has been applied, analysis begins automatically and results are displayed in less than 10 seconds.

User-friendly - the user interface is designed to be simple to use and easy to extrapolate information, with touchscreen technology that responds even to gloved hands.

2.      Perten AM5800 On-farm Moisture Meter

The most accurate portable moisture meter on the market using UGMA technology, the AM5800 analyses the moisture levels and specific weight within 20 seconds. The portable and robust system allows farmers to sample check their grain quality levels easily, straight from the field, in store and at the dryer.

Benefits at a glance:

Quick analysis time
- results in 20 seconds

Compact and portable - for on-farm use

Extremely accurate - using UGMA approved technology

3.      GrainSense Hand-Held Grain Protein and Moisture Analyser

A portable analyser, GrainSense measures grain moisture along with protein and nitrogen in the field, providing results in real time enabling fast and efficient farm and crop management - saving time and money. Within seconds, farmers can make confident decisions about the segregation of high and low quality grains during harvest.

Benefits at a glance:

Real time data – manage your farm, sheds and silos based on live data which also allows farmers to track the exact location where each analysis was taken.

Easy access – using the GrainSense app, access your results on your mobile phone and export to an excel format.

Fast and confident decisions – know where and who to sell your product to and at what price.

4.      Perten Inframatic 8800 NIR Grain Analyser

This portable NIR Instrument determines moisture protein and oil determination in grain and oilseed. It’s innovative GPS technology generates accurate protein maps, pinpointing where premium grain is located on the farm. The design is rugged, robust and simple to operate, but sophisticated enough to provide accuracy similar to elevator and lab instruments.

Benefits at a glance

Portable – its compact, light frame makes it easy to transport across inspection sites, with a protective carrying bag for storage during transit.

Robust – the rugged design makes on-farm NIR analysis secure and low maintenance for long-term use.

GPS mapping –make informed harvesting decisions with the incorporation of GPS technology.

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Owen Parry