Charm Antibiotic DIP Test

Charm Antibiotic DIP Test


The Charm DIP Test is a quick and simple to way to test for Antibiotic residues on farm. The incubator cube is designed to simplify analysis and provide real time results to enable farmers to make decisions quickly. The Charm DIP Test detects Beta-Lactam and Tetracycline drug groups in a simple one step procedure.


What does it test

  • Dairy


What does it test for

  • Antibiotic residues

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple procedure, no mixing needed, just dip and insert.

  • Covers 2 main antibiotic residue groups (Beta-Lactam and Tetracyline)

  • Quick testing time on-the-go!

  •  Incubator automatically selects the correct test, incubation time and temperature

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