Charm Cowside 2 Antibiotic Screening

Charm Cowside 2 Antibiotic Screening


Charm Sciences CowSide II milk test is typically used for screening milk on-farm for all major classes of antibiotics.

The single tube milk antibiotic test kits contain pre-measured bacterial spores and pH indicators. Each kit is delivered complete with pipette and materials for 20 or 100 tests.

What products does it test?

  • Dairy farm milk samples

  • Bulk milk samples.

What does it test for? 

  • Antibiotics:

  • Beta-lactams

  • Sulphonamides

  • Tetracyclines

  • Macrolides

  • Aminoglycosides.

Features and benefits:

  • User-friendly – simply add milk to tube and incubate for easy milk quality testing

  • Quick - results are available in approximately three hours. Visual colour change to reference card for pass/fail result

  • Convenient - detects a wide range of milk antibiotics in one test with no reader required

  • Meets regulations - detects 24 antibiotic drugs at or below EU limits.


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