Charm EZ Antibiotic Reader

Charm EZ Antibiotic Reader


The Charm Mycotoxin EZ Reader is an automatic testing platform for antibiotic test strips. Simply insert the strip into the reader, pipette your sample, and close. The reader will automatically start to incubate and analyse.

The Charm EZ selects the correct temperature and time to incubate the sample, reads and displays the test results, and stores test data for reporting and analysis; making the end users job much easier!

What does it test?

  • Milk & Dairy

What does it test for?

  • Antibiotics

Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced user error - With the automated system, The reader identifies which test strip is in the machine, automatically incubates for the correct time and analyses the results

  • Results are never lost - The EZ system stores over 100,000 results to an external SD card. All data is available for export to Microsoft Excel

  • User friendly - touch screen interface with built in diagnostics to help operators avoid errors

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