Charm NovaLum 2

Charm NovaLum 2


The novaLUM 2 from Charm Sciences is a portable, easy to use reader which can be used for a variety of ATP tests such as, PocketSwab Plus, Allergeine and Watergeine.

The novaLUM 2 system is integrated with the new novaLINK software, giving the option to customize hygiene plans via location, surface type and test channel. 


What does it test?

  • Surfaces


What does it test for?

  • Hygiene (ATP)

  • Pasteurization


Features and Benefits:

  • Hand held portable system with touch screen display

  • Cost effective speed - The high speed data processor allows a 5 second read time

  • Risks can be assessed immediately, reducing pre-op time by as much as 83%

  • Built in wireless connectivity and improved on-board data analysis with graphs for pass/fail percentages.

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