Perten doughLab

Perten doughLab


The Perten doughLAB is a flexible dough rheometer with mixing action. The doughLAB incorporates programmable mixing speeds to study the response of dough to changing stress and to incorporates ingredients and high energy mixing to better match the input of modern commercial mixing of bread dough.

What does it test?

  • Dough

  • Flour

What does it test for?

  • Dough characteristics

  • Dough quality

  • Water absorption

  • development time

  • Stability and softness of wheat

Features and benefits

  • Custom and standard test configurations available

  • Temperature can be controlled to measure heating and gelling characteristics

  • Emulate flour blending

  • Programmable mixing speed

  • Includes integrated water dispensing, windows software to control testing and traceable calibration

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