Perten IM9500 NIR Flour Module

Perten IM9500 NIR Flour Module


Perten’s Inframatic 9500 NIR Flour Module is an additional specific wholegrain and flour NIR Add-on with an optional specific weight module. The Inframatic 9500 measures a wide range of grains, powders and oilseeds for many parameters in less than 1 minute.

What products does it test?

  • Flour

  • Wholegrain

  • Oilseed rape.

What does it test for?

  • Moisture

  • Protein

  • Oil

  • Ash

Features and benefits:

  • Quick- testing results are displayed on-screen within seconds of flour being added to the module

  • Easy to use – adding flour to the module’s loading stations is designed to be easy and convenient

  • Versatile –offers a flexible way to both grade incoming wheat and monitor the milling process.

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