Perten IM9500 Plus Wholegrain NIR Analyser

Perten IM9500 Plus Wholegrain NIR Analyser


The Inframatic 9500 Plus NIR analyser is the fastest grain analyser on the market, built to meet the requirements of grain handing operations. It measures a wide range of grains and oilseeds for protein, moisture and more in 40 seconds.

What products does it test?


•Oilseed rape.


What does it test for?




•Test Weight / Hectolitre Weight 

Features and benefits:

•Accurate – uses modern electronics and optical components to ensure the best possible data quality, with correct results every time.

•Reliable – the robust, sealed construction with standardised components means the 9500 is virtually maintenance free.

•Quick – easy to handle and with a short processing time, the Inframatic offers an incredibly quick and efficient NIR analysis.

•User friendly – the innovative touch screen user interface is specifically designed to provide quick and easy product analysis.


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