FEATURE: Digital Multi-Viewer Seed & Grain Inspection System

Using a digital microscope for inspection and quality control allows multiple staff and operators to look at an object simultaneously. Compared to taking turns at looking through an ocular, the multi-viewer feature makes it easy to discuss inspection issues with colleagues and as a result, improves communication and collaboration.

Optical microscopes have long been the preferred instrument in quality control set ups. However, many companies have already made the switch to digital inspection microscopes for both the ergonomical health benefits as well as image capture and sharing. One key benefit from using a digital microscope is the multi-viewer feature that enables several operators to look at an object simultaneously.

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Improved collaboration 

With a monitor, it is easy to ask a colleague for a second opinion. By viewing the live image together, one operator can easily show a potential quality control or inspection issue to a colleague; a simple process perhaps, but something that is considerably more difficult with a traditional microscope as only one operator can look through the ocular at a time. Using a monitor therefore promotes collaboration and communication between employees, which minimizes the risk of a faulty batch or product going unnoticed through quality control. 

Easier to train new employees 

Using a monitor in a quality control set up can also benefit new employees. By displaying a golden and/or faulty sample on a monitor, it is easy to circle and highlight what to look out for during inspection. This process cuts away costly time and allows for more thorough training and efficient quality control.

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Tagarno has a range of different inspection systems to suit all needs, Zip, Zap, FHD Trend. 
TAGARNOs digital microscopes are used for visual inspection and quality control in a variety of industries worldwide. The high- definition cameras and user-friendly microscopes magnify objects in excellent image quality that can easily be captured and shared with colleagues and supply chain partners. 

Rachael Smith