NEW: On-Farm Protein Meter from GrainSense


GrainSense is a hand-held device used for testing Grain on-farm, at silo, in store or on tractor! Its the first truly portable and affordable device for farmers. For the first time, Grain traders, farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will be able to rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops, and make decisions that can significantly improve their productivity and profitibility.

Farmers can now have the capability of fast on-farm segregation of high quality grains during harvest and make confident decisions within seconds.

GrainSense can test on farm for:

  • Protein

  • Moisture

  • Oil

  • Nitrogren

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The unique features of GrainSense are:

  • It is 5 times smaller than closest alternatives and battery-powered, and therefore convenient to use in field conditions.

  • It is at least 3 times less expensive than closest alternatives.

  • It takes just 30 seconds to make a measurement, including sample loading and the samples do not need to be ground.

  • It is the only device that can be used before harvest.

  • Anyone can useit without special training.

  • It will include the most comprehensive package of value-added software services providing actionable insights instead of plain data.

  •  It has a potential payback time shorter than one harvesting season.

About GrainSense

GrainSense has after more than two year of development phase, launched the product in summer 2018, and has now sold hundreds of grain quality measurement devices, mainly on the Swedish and Finnish markets. 


“Wherever the GrainSense device and solution has been introduced, we have seen exceptionally strong interest in the device”, says Edvard Krogius. “The feedback from customers is overwhelming and we have been very busy attending events, field days, and conferences in Northern Europe presenting the device during the last two years”, Krogius continues.


GrainSense is the first grain quality measurement device that is affordable and field durable to be owned and used by farmers. A personal user account is needed for the use of the device which includes country specific species (currently available are wheat, barley, oats, rye, and rapeseed), updates and calibrations, data storage, and the possibility to share the measurement results. 

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