Key points to consider when using NIR at Harvest


We know, Grain Testing at Harvest time can be busy, and sometimes costly! We have put together some quick points to consider regarding Near Infrared (NIR) in preparation for Harvest, to ensure your season goes as smoothly as possible!


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1.     Is it easy to use?

Ensure your instrument is simple to use. The main points to consider are the ease of sample preparation, selection of commodity, collection of the sample, and the process and results. Ensure it is a simple machine that you can train other users quickly if needed. 


2.     Speed of analysis?

The trucks are waiting & a reliable result is critical, ensure the instrument makes it easy to load the sample and select product in menu? Time is money, so make sure your machine provides results in the quickest possible time yet maintaining its accuracy. 

Can results be sent immediately to colleagues?


3.     Robustness of instrument?

Pressurised, dusty environments need a reliable instrument. Is your unit fully enclosed and will it maintain its accuracy against the environment? 


4.     Ease of calibration and maintenance?

Does your instrument have technical support and back up that you can rely on? Is the instrument easy to calibrate and maintain during a busy harvest to ensure reduced downtime? Is your instrument easy to clean if it becomes jammed or will it require an engineer call out? Does your instrument have spare parts available locally if required, or is there a long wait time for repair? 


5.     Are your results recognised and trusted in Grain market?

Ensure your instrument is supported on a recognised network so that your results remain trusted and accepted. Make sure that any calibrations and adjustments needed are driven by independent analysis and monitoring from within the UK Grain Market. 


The UK Grain Testing Network:



At Calibre, we recommend being part of the UK Grain Testing Network (UKGTN) when using the Perten IM9500 or similar equipment to help Maintain annual calibrations and monitor the instrument.

The UK Grain Testing Network is a group for people involved with the analysis of Grain (barley, wheat, oilseed rape) who have a common goal of achieving the best possible accurate results from their NIR and other instruments and reducing the disagreement between analytical results within the grain industry.

The UKGTN is an independent user-group and exists for the members -  it is not part of Calibre or Perten. However, as Calibre’s main aim is to help customers, we understand that being part of the Network is beneficial to the end user, regardless of what brand of testing equipment you may be using!

The UK Grain Testing Network charges an annual membership fee but does not aim to make a profit



The Perten IM9500 NIR for Grain Testing:


Built to meet the requirements of a busy harvest season, the IM9500 measures a wide range of grains and oilseeds for protein, oil and moisture in just 40 seconds.

Perten 9500 NIR.jpg

With modern and accurate Near Infrared technology (NIR), the Perten IM9500 ensures the best possible data quality, with correct results after every test. Using industry standard transmission to analyse samples, the Perten IM9500 is more accurate and stable of time and requires less maintenance than other analysers.


The analyser is designed with the user in mind, and therefore the interface is simple to use – just enter your sample ID, pour the sample and wait for the results!
All results are stored on the instrument and backed up to the cloud, with the ability to export and view results if needed. 

Rachael Smith