The Importance of Low Cost Meat Analysis


In a world driven by consumer needs to live a healthier lifestyle while keeping within a household budget, the importance of low-cost meat analysis has never been greater than it is today.

To meet this growing need, the producer is having to move away from subjective assessment and consider objective instrumental analysis for both their incoming and finished product.

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The benefits of objective analysis, providing definitive real time measurements, allows the blending process to maximize profits while still maintaining end product quality, and labelling requirements. 

By monitoring fat and moisture levels during production, product quality can be optimized whilst maintaining control over costs. Waste is minimized due to the greater efficiency of the blending process, resulting in less reworks. 

All this adds up to a cost saving for the manufacturer that can create a domino effect benefiting the consumer, in lower costs and consistent quality on the supermarket shelf. 

To meet the needs of this developing market and the growing number of small to medium meat producers in the UK, Perkin Elmer have developed a new portable low cost NIR meat analyser. 

The DA6200 is lightweight, battery operated and portable, meaning it can be used in all areas of production, such as:

·     Raw material intake

·     Process control

·     Finished product quality

The DA6200 can measure fat, moisture, protein and much more in just 30 seconds, which eliminates any wait time for results. The instrument is designed using exsisting NIR (Near-Infra-Red) technology which allows the user to analyse large representative sample volumes in one measurement. Simply prepare your sample, analyse, and read results! 

To find out more information about the Perkin Elmer DA6200, visit the product page, or contact us on 01925 860 401 or


Rachael Smith