C-Cell Mono

C-Cell Mono


C-Cell Mono is the original system and comes with the standard parameters for analysis. C-Cell Mono takes 1 image of the sample to produce analytical results such as crust wall thickness, size, shape and location. C-Cell Mono is the entry level model of the C-Cell range and offers all the basic image analysis needs for a baker.


Technical, production and engineering personnel are able to establish their own key performance indicators using objective data to maintain a level of consistency with their production.


What can it analyse?

  • Bread

  • Cake and biscuits

  • Snack food

  • Aerated products

What industries is it used?

  • Bakery production

  • Cake and biscuit production

  • Test baking

  • Ingredients (improvers / yeast)

  • Research and development

  • Snack food

  • Flour milling

  • Chocolate confectionary 

  • Bakery equipment manufacturers

  • Research and plant breeding


Features and Benefits:

·     Provides analytical results for repeatable, reliable quality 

·     Removes human error in quality control environments

·     Calibrations can be tailored to meet manufacturers needs

·     Over 50 different quality results relating to bakery products

·     Quantifiable results helps to easily score against targets

·     Helps to show the impact in structure when making slight changes in process/production/ingredients


Key Measurements

·     Number of cells

·     Net Cell elongation

·     Non-uniformity

·     Cell diameter

·     Number of holes

·     Wall thickness

·     Internal Structure

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