C-Cell Colour

C-Cell Colour


The C-Cell Colour is an advanced digital imaging system that provides comprehensive quality analysis for bread and baked products. 

C-Cell provides unique, important information for evaluation of products, ingredients and process conditions. The system is easy to use and can be incorporated into your quality control system.

C-Cell is the most advanced system in the world for bread and baked product quality assessment, manufactured by Calibre Control International, the UK's foremost supplier of instruments for quality control within the cereals industry.


What can it analyse?

  • Bread

  • Cake and biscuits

  • Snack food

  • Aerated products

What industries is it used?

  • Bakery production

  • Cake and biscuit production

  • Test baking

  • Ingredients (improvers / yeast)

  • Research and development

  • Snack food

  • Flour milling

  • Chocolate confectionary 

  • Bakery equipment manufacturers

  • Research and plant breeding

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides analytical results for repeatable, reliable quality 

  • Removes human error in quality control environments

  • Calibrations can be tailored to meet manufacturers needs

  • Bread scoring system provides consistent results across sites

  • Over 50 different quality results relating to bakery products

  • Quantifiable results helps to easily score against targets

  • Helps to show the impact in structure when making slight changes in process/production/ingredients

Key Measurements

  • Number of cells

  • Net Cell elongation

  • Non-uniformity

  • Cell diameter

  • Number of holes

  • Wall thickness

  • Internal structure

  • External features

  • L*A*B* crumb colour

  • Internal inclusion analysis

  • Bread scoring 

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