Charm Microbial Peel Plate

Charm Microbial Peel Plate


The Charm Peel Plate test is a culture method which detects micro-organisms that indicate hygienic conditions in food manufacturing. The Peel Plate tests can be used in microbiological laboratories or by farmers, milk processors and water municipalities.


What products does it test?

  • Dairy Products

  • Ground Meats

  • Other Foods

  • Contact Surfaces

  • Water


What does it test for?

  • E.coli & Coliforms

  • Aerobic Bacteria

  • Enterobacteriaceae

  • Yeast & Mould


Features and Benefits:

  • No preparation needed - just dilute sample & incubate

  • Convenient – stack up to 20 plates for improved air circulation

  • Simple – colour indication of bacteria

  • Long Shelf Life – 12 month refrigeration shelf life in a re-sealable foil zip bag


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