Perten DA7440 Above Line

Perten DA7440 Above Line


The DA 7440 is an above line NIR Analyser which measures accurately even if you change batch, processing conditions or raw materials. The above belt designed Diode Array measures in real time with the results easily integrated into an existing automation system.


What products does it test?

  •  Snack Foods

  • Tobacco


What does it test for?

  • Moisture

  • Salinity

  • Fat


 Features and benefits: 

  • Pre-calibrated for wide range of snack foods

  • Robust sanitary design with air purge window & status indicator

  • Touchscreen at line display screen

  • Wireless communication web based software for real time results.

  • Can be used to automatically control & optimise moisture and fat content

  • Measures continuously 

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