Tagarno Inspection Systems

Tagarno Inspection Systems


Primarily used for grain analysis and seed inspection, our range of Grain Inspection Systems are innovative magnification systems from TAGARNO; offering super-magnified views of even the smallest details in food samples. Users of TAGARNO may include: grain merchants, seed producers, seed breeders, grain inspection services and seed research institutions. 


 What products does it inspect?

  • Grains

  • Seeds

  • Refined Sugars

  • Salads

  • Plants

  • Refined Spices

  • Refined Salt

  • Other


What does it inspect for?

  • Contaminants

  • Seed Germination

  • Quality

  • Admix

  • Seed Variety

  • Seed Coating Quality


Features and benefits:

  • Super magnification –Magnification up to 320 times and live imaging at 60fps, for incredibly accurate and insightful results.

  • Multi-view – The multi-viewer option allows more than one person at a time to view and assess seed or grain quality, ideal for training.

  • Image quality – Extremely sharp imagery with HD colour rendition, without delay, distortion or interference.

  • User-friendly – Flexible camera and ergonomic design makes using this magnification grain and seed lab equipment particularly easy and comfortable.

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